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  • Couples Therapy

    How Can Couples (Marital) Therapy or Counseling Benefit You and Your Partner?

    Why should I seek out couples therapy now?

    Did you know that couples wait for approximately two years before the start of their marital problems and when they seek couples therapy? By waiting to seek therapy, couples may grow increasingly dissatisfied in their relationships especially if the problems go unresolved to both partners’ satisfaction. So what originally started as one minor problem might grow and extend into other relationship or personal problems that become increasingly more difficult and time-consuming to manage as the months or years pass. The great news is that there are effective treatment approaches that will help couples to increase their relationship satisfaction, whether you are looking to address a recent problem or crisis or you are looking to repair long-standing relationship problems.

    What are some of the reasons that couples seek therapy?

    There are a lot of reasons why people want to seek out couples therapy throughout the course of their relationship, whether you are a newlywed who wants to manage communication problems before they get worse, or you have been married for years and realize that your spouse seems like a stranger. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

    ·      Do you and your partner struggle with communication problems?

    ·      Do you have disagreements about emotional affection and intimacy? 

    ·      Do you have unresolved issues that tend to continue to come up with after repeated discussions and attempts to resolve this long-standing issue. 

    ·      Was there a recent event or crisis in the relationship that caused conflict or stress in the marriage and you both need support?

    ·      Are you struggling with forgiving your spouse for a betrayal and this is causing resentment and pain in your relationship? 

    ·      Are you having trouble with role expectations or establishing boundaries around new roles in your relationship? 

    If any of these things are true for you, you are not alone and I can help you navigate these questions.

    What does couples therapy look like? 

    Whether conducted in-person in San Diego or online through a HIPAA compliant, secure platform, couples therapy with me is grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which explores the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviors that lead to maladaptive thinking and behavioral patterns. CBT applied to couples helps to identify underlying beliefs about the relationship, explore each partner’s thinking styles about the other partner that cause distress, and understand relational patterns that cause relationship problems. This form of treatment has shown to be an effective form of treatment for couples experiencing distress. CBT for couples is structured, collaborative, and focuses on skills-building for current problems. Following an initial assessment to identify the strengths, challenges and histories of each individual and the couple, we can develop a plan that will identify the thoughts, emotions and behavioral tendencies for the couple that need to be targeted for therapy. CBT is a collaborative approach so I work with each couple every step of the way to ensure that we are setting the best goals that are measurable and achievable for the couple. Depending on your relationship needs, we might work on strengthening communication patterns and conflict resolution skills, exploring and building intimacy and trust, or redefining relationship roles. 

    Are you ready to take the next step and start therapy?

    Many relationship challenges are solvable whether they are relatively new or long-standing problems, if the couple is willing to put in the effort. Are you ready to work on these problems so that you can strengthen your marriage and reconnect with your partner? If so, contact me at 858-218-0401 or through this website today. Whether through in-person couples therapy in San Diego or online via telehealth, we can talk about next steps needed to identify and achieve your relationship goals. I will be with you both every step of the way.