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    Part 2 of 2: Is Therapy the Right Decision For You?

    In Part 1 of this blog post, I addressed how and why potential clients who are doing well by most standards can still benefit from counseling. In Part 2 of this blog post, I will now address this scenario:

    You have already done enough reflection to know that you need or want therapy, but something is holding you back from starting therapy.

    Do any of these concerns about starting therapy apply to you?

    · I am unsure about what therapy or counseling will look like. 

    · I am not convinced that therapy will work for my current situation.  

    · I am scared about what could come up in therapy. I am worried about opening up a Pandora’s Box about my past and I don’t want to spend hours talking about my past.

    If any of the concerns above apply to you, you are not alone. Many new clients have these same thoughts prior to starting therapy. But these concerns are usually alleviated with a discussion about what therapy or counseling with me will look like. Specifically, you will learn that our sessions together will be collaborative, proactive and positive, with clearly defined goals and action plans to reach your goals. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, and/or trauma, rest assured that Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) has been that have been shown to be effective for these conditions. You will also learn although there is discussion of how the past contributed to current thought processes in CBT, the focus is on current time and the future. 

    Whether you are unsure if you will benefit from therapy, or you actually know that you need therapy, I encourage you to take the next step towards clarifying and accomplishing your personal goals by contacting me for a free 15 minute consultation. In this phone call, I can answer your questions and we can see if we are a good match for counseling. You can also check out my website at to learn more. I sincerely look forward to hearing from you soon.